Since 1980, APS Marketing has catered to many customers across a diverse range of industries. Our services have helped many businesses grow and thrive. Today, over 100,000 clients are part of our roster, and we hope that number only continues to grow.

Needless to say, things have changed a lot since 1980. Cell phones no longer have to be carried in over-the-shoulder bags, you can have a live video chat with your friend in Korea right now, and the internet has gone from a novelty to an integral part of how we live. What hasn’t changed is our desire to provide the best marketing we can to our clients.

While we may have once helped you create the perfect eye-catching newspaper ad, we now offer a whole suite of modern approaches to brand visibility. Customers today are spread across a variety of platforms, even more than there were as little as five years ago. Now, we offer support for everything from Facebook to Tik-Tok.

Innovation is at the heart of our business, and that is why APS is proud to announce that we have partnered with DesignRush! The marketing world is tricky, fickle, and ever-changing. That is why you want to have the best and brightest people and the newest technology behind you. Through this partnership, we hope to bring you a wealth of cutting-edge resources, tools, and contacts.

What is DesignRush?

Founded in 2017, DesignRush is a tool that allows you to easily search, compare, and analyze the services of thousands of marketing firms and agencies in your area (and beyond)! You can see each company’s results, rates, and information without ever leaving the comfort of your office.

The site also offers ways to quickly and efficiently see available apps, web designers, technology companies (such as software development and offshore companies), and more. When searching, clients can even filter their results through a wide range of criteria. You can sort by price, average review scores, and rates (among other things).

Here are just some of the searches you can utilize on their site:

DesignRush doesn’t just list any firm, though.
Their picks are based on a four category system, which is then laid out in an easy-to-read chart. Each company is ranked based upon their portfolios, reputation, leadership expertise, and client reviews.
This is a boon to the agencies they partner with, including us! It means that we are among the top rated and most highly praised firms out there. As an agency, DesignRush also offers us top-notch unlimited support, covering everything from technical issues to phone lines.

That’s Not All of It!

Outside of this useful central feature of DesignRush, the service also offers free blog-based content to keep you informed on the evolving trends in marketing. These posts cover not only graphic design, but also marketing and technology!

Through their press releases, DesignRush provides easy-to-digest overviews of evolving digital news. Curated lists offer visitors a free and comprehensive guide to some of the top picks in both marketing and cyber security.

On DesignRush’s Marketplace tab, you can feature a project you want to complete. DesignRush will then offer you up to five hand-picked bids based on your location, budget, industry, and campaign type. At the same time, we will keep your company’s information confidential. You do not have to worry about any special surprises being leaked prematurely.

They also showcase the work of their agencies, with monthly full-page spreads of awards. There are accolades for the best designs in websites, videos, logos, printed media, packaging, and almost any other design you may want.

What Does This Mean for You?

This partnership is an exciting and bright new chapter in APS Marketing, and we’re overjoyed to be announcing it! We hope that this is only the beginning of even bigger, brighter projects to come.

As the world changes and grows, there’s no doubt that the way people make their brand known will also transform. Our continued existence testifies to our ability to adapt to an uncertain future. Trends are temporary and fleeting, but we remain dedicated to keeping an eye on them for you.

Our team will continue to strive to produce the most relevant and engaging content for our clients. It doesn’t matter if that content is on Facebook, Twitter, Tik-Tok, or even a platform that is yet to be created! Our dedication to you hasn’t changed.

Ready to see what Design Rush has to offer and why they are ranked as a top agency in New York City? We look forward to showing you, together!

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