Traffic – we hate it when we’re driving but love it for our website! Increasing traffic to your website means higher sales, better brand recognition, and a deeper connection to your online audience.

But how do you improve website traffic? Use social media, of course!

While social media and website traffic are connected, it’s more complicated than you might think. Setting up an Instagram or posting a few witty tweets won’t necessarily get your business where you want it.

Read this article to learn how social media can boost website traffic.

Search Engine Ranking

When you Google your company’s name, what are the first few pages that appear? Probably the company’s main site followed by a list of competitors.

But when you create social media accounts for your brand, those profiles will show up. Your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter will rank as the top pages when someone searches for your site – which is exactly what you want to increase website traffic.

Social Media Is a Search Engine

What if a potential customer/follower/client doesn’t search for your website using Google. What if they search for the site on a social media platform?

If you have a presence on the major social media sites, the search feature will help you. If not, a person may end up searching for a competitor instead. You should also consider non-traditional media sites like YouTube to post relevant content.

This is also a lesson on how to use business social media. If your goal is to drive website traffic, your social media should make that clear. End all your posts with a link to the site or another call to action (CTA).

Brand Reputation and Recognition

Do you want to know how to improve website traffic with social media? Think reputation and recognition. Posting interesting, unique, or useful content online makes your website a reputable source of information and entertainment.

People will return to your site if they can consistently find what they are looking for. It also enhances recognition of your brand which builds loyal fans and a flow of traffic to your site. Make your social media work for you by creating an authentic voice that speaks directly to your target audience.


An individual may be able to contact you via your website or leave a review. But it’s more common for people to use social media sites. They will ask questions, leave comments, and share posts using a social media site.

You can use this to your advantage by connecting with the online community this way. Respond to questions and offer suggestions to show your website cares about its visitors.

The Relationship Between Website Traffic and Social Media

You can increase your website traffic by effectively using social media. It can improve your search engine ranking, build your reputation and boost brand recognition.

Social media popularity doesn’t seem to be slowing down. So, use it to your advantage now that you know how to use social media for business.

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